Zurich vista fund

Zurich vista fund

Fund performance, fund prices and monthly fact sheets - our fund centre give you instant access to the latest information and tools, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Our fund centres are available 247 for our internal fund range on vista and our external fund range available on the international wealth account. If you want to switch funds, simply go to zurich international online where you can switch funds online without the need to fill out any paperwork.

Zurich international life vista application form policy number (for office use only) please read the relevant product literature before you complete this form. Fund code fund name (including name of fund management company) total please make sure the total adds up to 100.

Vista is structured based on your savings term selected at the outset, think of it like other term based financial commitments such as paying a mortgage please take a good look at the effect of charges flyer to get a good idea of what a vista will really cost you across different premium levels and selected terms.

Important information pacific, futura iii, vista, elite international bond, supra savings and investment plan, vista retirement scheme, international wealth account and futura ii are the investment-linked assurance schemes (the plans), which are insurance policies issued by zurich international life limited (zurich).

Cash funds invest in cash deposits, for example, in a bank account, with a specified level of interest. Many governments and companies borrow money from investors to raise funds and they do so by issuing securities known as bonds.

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Zurich vista fund

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Zurich vista fund

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