Wirex card issuer

Wirex card issuer

4 your wirex card is issued by payrnet pte ltd (uen 201913150c) ( card issuer), a company incorporated in singapore which is a member of the card network. The card issuer, as the holder of the stored value facility in respect of the currency wallets (described below), also holds the fiat currency loaded on your wirex card.

In the eea if you hold an eur denominated card your visa wirex card and account is issued by uab finansins paslaugos contis who is authorised by the bank of lithuania to issue e-money (company code 304406236) and is a member of visa.

You can find this code on any summary of financial activity provided by your card issuer. Well also send this code as a description of your top-up transaction. In the form linked card section, click on a card with the confirmation needed status.

  wirex, the london-based cryptocurrency card issuer has been granted another principal member status.

Please choose card-issuer currency conversion (wirex) - this eliminates additional currency conversion fees and commissions.

  who is the issuer of the wirex visa card? The issuer of the wirex visa card is contis financial services ltd. They are authorized by the financial conduct authority (fca) to issue e-money and are a member of visa.

Global payments platform wirex has revealed open banking platform railsbank as its new visa card issuer for the firms asia-pacific (apac) customers. The collaboration means the firm will look to further boost its rapidly-growing customer base in the asia pacific region.

Next up on the wirex agenda is to connect fiat accounts to wirex visa cards, enabling its canadian users to spend cryptocurrencies as if they are traditional canadian dollars. This means cardholders will be able to into any store or restaurant and spend using their wirex visa.

  it offers both virtual and physical cards in around 30 countries from the european economic aria. Wirex started shipping the plastics to customers in the uk and europe in may. The cards initially supported bitcoin core (btc), litecoin (ltc) and instant exchange with gbp, usd, and eur.

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Wirex card issuer

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Wirex card issuer

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