Why is bitconnect down

Why is bitconnect down

Well you are probably wondering why is bitconnect down? They are doing some upgrades to the site.

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So a friend of mine just informed me of the quick closure of bitconnect and its rapid decline on coinmarketcap.

  on tuesday, bitconnect announced closing its bitcoin lending and exchange platform, following intense speculation that the crypto community was a ponzi scheme. In its statement, the company insisted this wasnt the end for bitconnect, but its cryptocurrency had already dropped in value by more than 90 to a lowly 17.

Bitconnect touted itself as a means of solving real-world financial problems using cryptocurrency and bypassing banks. Bcc was a proof-of-stake (pos) cryptocurrency token with a notional maximum supply of 28 million bcc. 6 million bcc were planned to come from mining, while the remainder would be added as a result of pos staking activities from network participants.

  just like this, bitconnect had found a way to sweep all negative coverage under the rug by simply churning out more content as far as google search went at least.

  bitconnect was a cryptocurrency scam that went from obscure in 2016 at about us 0. It screamed of potential, becoming a top 20 cryptocurrency token. Regulators came cracking down on the project, forcing its cessation in 2018.

Then you give it back to them and they supposedly loan it out and give you some guaranteed rate of return. The real money comes from recruiting people under you, which is why the supporters were fanatical advertisers.

This is probably why they created bitconnectx with a ridiculous 50 token price - to temporarily plug the leaks in the sinking bitconnect ship. I predict bitconnect probably only has a year or so left before they become unable to repay people, and the whole thing comes tumbling down.

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Why is bitconnect down

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