Tali loyalty mission

Tali loyalty mission

  this post is part of the series mass effect 2 walkthrough - loyalty missions - part 2. While you gear up for your fight with the collectors youll need to get gain the loyalty of the rest of your squad if you want a happy ending in the battle.

  players unlock talis loyalty mission in mass effect 2 sometime after saving and recruiting her on haestrom. Yeoman kelly chambers will alert them that tali received a message that upset her and wanted to talk. Shepard can meet her in engineering to learn she has been put on trial for treason.

After speaking with tali and offering to help her out with her personal issues, you will obtain the location of this side mission. Once aboard and after a quick conversation, you will be free to explore.

  mass effect 2 talis loyalty mission - the admiralty board - paragon story walkthrough 49 - youtube. Mass effect 2 shepard and tali go to the migrant fleet, where tali faces the admiralty board.

  spoilers showing unique dialogs when you bring legion on talis loyalty mission.

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Tali loyalty mission

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Tali loyalty mission

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