Sunsuper investment options

Sunsuper investment options

Choose our default option - the lifecycle investment strategy (for super-savings accounts only). Choose from our single asset class options andor diversified options to build an investment strategy that suits your needs and risk appetite.

Diversified options actively managed the lifecycle investment strategy (super-savings accounts only) growth balanced socially conscious balanced diversified alternatives retirement conservative index (passively managed) balanced index single asset class options actively managed shares australian shares property diversified bonds cash.

  if you invest in this option, sunsuper will invest 35 of your investment in the option into an interest bearing account with an authorised deposit-taking institution (adi), national australia bank, abn 12 004 044 937.

The balanced option for super-savings accounts has identical investments to the balanced pool in sunsupers default investment option, the lifecycle investment strategy. Members invested in the lifecycle investment strategy are invested 100 in the balanced pool until age 55.

  both qsuper and sunsuper offer a pre-mixed, ethical investment option as an alternative choice to their default mysuper funds. These funds are qsuper socially responsible and sunsuper socially conscious balanced. Both these funds avoid investments in fossil fuels, tobacco and gambling among many other harmful industries.

Sunsuper offers a range of 19 investment options if youd like to choose your own investment strategy. Lifecycle investment strategy the lifecycle strategy is designed for members who want to generate wealth over the long-term, and gradually transition to lower-risk investments as they approach age 65.

Hi i have been look into changing my investment option on my super i am 30 and have about 80k and have only ever used the default option (balance) i was looking at doing shares 50aus 50int.

  sunsupers policy is in line with industry standards and regulatory guidelines. The graphic illustration shown above is based on exit unit prices for the investment option selected and an initial investment of 1,000 invested at the applicable entry unit price. Unit prices are net of investment fees and costs and investment taxes.

  sunsupers lifecycle investment option is the authorised mysuper investment.

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Sunsuper investment options

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Sunsuper investment options

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