Stock demand zone

Stock demand zone

  the demand zone is clearly defined by the upper and lower boundary. An alternative way to approach those levels is by using another tool for confirmation or another timeframe for confluence.

  demand and supply trading demand zone at demand zone, buyers are dominated to buy and sellers are weak.

  a supply zone is a price level where current holders of a market are located and are willing sellers when price reaches that area.

Supply-demand nothing but the border area of support or resistance. In the chart above you can see a demand zone (broad support level) and a supply zone (broad area of resistance). What we want to find at the price zones where supply overwhelms demand and where demand overwhelms supply.

It is a zone that acts as a support for the stock and stock moves upwards from this zone. It is a zone that acts as resistance for the stock and stock moves downwards from this zone. How to draw supplydemand zones? Supplydemand zones works in any time frame such as 310153060 mins.

The first thing is to identify if you are in a supply zone or a demand one. In the supply zone, the prices are higher than the bid price and in the demand zone, they are lower. The bid price is what a trader is willing to pay for a stock. The next thing while trading supply and demand zones is to identify the pattern.

  demand zones differ from supply zones in that we are drawing the zone from the most recent bearish candle found immediately before the up move creating the zone. In the image you can see ive drawn the demand zone from the open of the bearish candle found just before the market made its move up forming the zone.

Alleviating the subjectivity andor discretion from trading with zones is crucial for many, especially as they learn to read price and its upcoming direction. Using our custom software algorithms the fully automated sd model allows you to test your trading analysis.

2, price initially trends south, forming lower lows and lower highs until the instrument begins to bottom (or base). A reversal follows to the upside, creating the zone, which is tradable upon return, especially on the first time back.

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Stock demand zone

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