Small food trailer layout

Small food trailer layout

Browse through numerous layouts of food trailers designs by size or style. These concession trailer floor plans can be used to build your concession trailer as-is or as a starting point to customize your food trailer design to your needs.

The group did an excellent job, we get compliments on the design from everyone.

Apr 2, 2018 - concession nation has 7x14 concession trailer floor plans available.

(3014) 16 ft food truck conversion layout (3013) frozen yogurt 8. 5 x 24 layout (3012) shaved ice trailer layout 6 x10 (3011) 8.

  if youre in the market for a food truck or concession trailer, we will develop each of these layouts free of charge even if you decide to choose another manufacturer for the job. After 15 years of manufacturing concession units, we understand the how important it is to be able to demonstrate to our customers exactly how their layout and design will look in a truck before outfitting a truck.

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Small food trailer layout

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