Slimming world eating out syns

Slimming world eating out syns

Southern fried chicken & mayo baguette (per serving) 38 syns. Desserts your way vanilla cheesecake & vanilla ice cream (per serving) 38. Cauliflower cheese tart with baby potatoes & salad (per serving) 39 syns.

Everything that is not a free food has a syn value and can be found in the slimming world database after signing up to the plan. Your syn allowance depends on your weight and the allowance is greatly different between male and female.

5 syns for 5 and you can guarantee that i could eat 1015 in a meal so you looking at 4. 5 syns egg fried rice 4 syns sweet and sour chicken (battered) 17.

I would most likely eat at home twice a week if that! When i was on slimming world i went completely cold turkey, i went out occasionally but i would usually use my syns on alcohol rather than eating out.

  eating out with slimming world (restaurants takeaways) i figured this might be pretty useful for anyone who wants a quick idea of what sort of things they can order from restaurants or takeaways and have an idea of the syns involved.

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Share your favourite low syn treats from restaurants and takeaways or if youre looking for low syn choices, ask for tips, someones bound to know.

You can create your own slimming world syns calculator by just doing a simple sum.

Find this pin and more on slimming world - syn food, miscby debs. Find this pin and more on slimming world - syn food, miscby debs.

  mince should be less that 5 fat for it to be considered a free food. Make sure you remove all visible fat and any skin from poultry. Burgers, sausages and some pre-made meatballs are usually synned and not on the free list.

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Slimming world eating out syns

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