Pork shumai trader joe's

Pork shumai trader joe's

Douse in a little water, wrap under a little cling film and microwave for three or four minutes hey presto, you have your own mini-steam system.

Shu mai (or shumai or shaomai) are typically ground pork, mushrooms, ginger and shallots in a wonton wrapper and then steamed. There are endless variations on this but these look to be pretty standard shu mai.

  the trader joes pork shu mai pork dumplings are much better than their chicken-filled counterparts, but we still recommend having just a bit of soy sauce on.

  the pros trader joes pork shu mai is a tasty freezer item. The cons trader joes chicken shu mai has a packet of sauce, but for these youll have to supply your own dipping sauce. The verdict if youve ever been to an asian restaurant, then you know that in the appetizer section of the menu is a little steamed dumpling called shu mai.

  anyhoo, this pork shu mai was the second half of the we-have-to-eat-something-other-than-salad dinner. Note this does come in a chicken variety but pork is the more traditional filling.

  there are 290 calories in 5 pieces (141 g) of trader joes pork shu mai.

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Pork shumai trader joe's

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