Overwatch change hud color

Overwatch change hud color

  overwatch how to change the colour of your hud overwatch how to change the color of your hud customize how team colors are displayed in your ui (e.).

  a short tutorial on how to change the user interface (ui) color scheme in overwatch.

  sorry for the mic quality at times, will fix soonthis is some great game play of fortnite bush gang we basically realized that we had no good things to u.

Apparently theyre working on making new colorblind modes using the owl tech, so possibly in the future httpsus.

You can change the color of your hud and abilities with the new colorblind mode. Title says all, just change the color of friendly units under the new colorblind options and the color of team abilities change accordingly, you can have a giant green mei wall if you want.

Personally id adjust it so that the health bar and ammo are bigger and closer to the crosshair. Abilities would be on the lower left, middle and right, far apart so i can clearly tell them apart when they flash available.

Comau1gfv notes there is a version of my hud where you can have the healthammo closer to the center of your crosshair. I wont be adding support for these two any time soon, sorry.

They see the game with the classic redand blue colours that we are familiar with.

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Overwatch change hud color

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