Our family wizard reviews

Our family wizard reviews

72 stars from 80 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about ourfamilywizard most frequently mention customer service and court order problems.

This app is perfect for high conflict custody situations, for those with complicated schedules, and those who have a third party they need to keep in the loop such as a step parent, or baby sitter.

Our family wizard and mediation is my answer to combat this endless conflict. This tool has everything you need to co parent in a professional and reasonable manner. Its simple and easy to use, and i share moments, expenses, emails, and i am about to upload the agreed parenting schedule through mediation.

  our family wizard review summary as you can see there are many features that ofw has and they do work well together.

Our family wizard review so your considering if our family wizard is the right fit for you, or youve been recommended to use it by someone. In either case, the tool is well worth the money and helps ensure you and your ex spouse will be on the same page moving forward.

It does time stamp when messages are posted and read by either co parent. (you are out of luck if you want to do a search on specific entries in your journal to use later for court.).

  our family wizard is much more than just a custody calendar. Its a complete child custody software solution for both parents and family courts.

The our family wizard co-parenting app provides you with a way to message each other. You choose whether you receive those messages in real-time or digest form.

Our family wizard does not have a dedicated custody-tracking module and tracks time only through the calendar. Our family wizard also doesnt show scheduled time versus actual time, so theres no way to tell how much time you may have missed. In our opinion, this is a critical feature missing from our family wizard.

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Our family wizard reviews

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