Open sesame safecracker

Open sesame safecracker

  open sesame! The safecracker is a hearts of stone main quest, in which geralt must recruit either casimir bassi or quinto for a planned heist. Journal entry edit edit source vaults are, as a rule, difficult to enter. Their metal-plated doors must either be teased open in silence by a skilled safecracker or blown to smithereens by a demolitions expert.

This is one of the supporting quests you need to complete in order to prepare for a vault break-in in the open sesame! Quest. Their metal-plated doors must either be teased open in silence by a skilled safecracker or blown to smithereens by a demolitions expert.

The quest starts after finishing the first part of open sesame! Quest. You will have to recruit one of the people who will help you with the robbery. You can choose from two people from which only one will help you during the quest.

  this is a guide to the quest titled open sesame the safecracker from the witcher 3 wild hunt. Read on for information on objectives and possible rewards, as well as useful tips, strategies for completing the quest, and who to recruit for the heist.

  open sesame safecracker (casimir) (46) - the witcher 3 hearts of stone walkthrough ign guides you through recruiting casimir as your safecracker during the open sesame.

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  ign guides you through recruiting quinto as you safe cracker for the open sesame quest in the hearts of stone expansion in the witcher 3.

Best choices for the safecracker in the open sesame quest? Hearts of stone. Ive heard that for breaking and entering, ill end up with eveline anyway. What about the safecracker? Im leaning more towards quinto, since it seems like hell be more quiet.

  quinto is an alternative to casimir bassi in case you failed to saverecruit him. Quinto has a more stealth and quiet approach in cracking the safe.

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Open sesame safecracker

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