New sagaya store hours

New sagaya store hours

All of us at new sagaya are committed to bringing the freshest seafood, produce, baked goods and foods to alaska - and your family.

Welcome to the new sagaya markets store! New sagaya markets have offered the finest in fresh alaskan seafood, ethnic cuisine, specialty foods, gourmet grocery, fresh produce, and choice meats for over 20 years.

Open 6 am to 9 pm monday thru saturday and 7 am to 9 pm sunday.

New sagaya markets offer the finest in fresh alaskan seafood, ethnic cuisine, specialty foods, gourmet.

(907) 561-2042 city market 900 west 13th avenue anchorage,ak 99501 t. (907) 274-2042 seafood markets midtown seafood market 3700 old seward hwy anchorage,ak 99503 t. (907) 561-2042 city seafood market 900 west 13th avenue anchorage,ak 99501 t.

New sagaya our markets city market find what you need even specialty items you wont find anywhere else at your city market. Enjoy lunch in our cafe, shop aisles of quality ingredients and pickup farm-direct produce.

80 reviews of new sagaya city market better selection in the hotbar than the old seward location. And theres a grocery section in case you forgot something or just feel like having a huge piece of fruit.

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New sagaya store hours

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