Jewel of harmony mu

Jewel of harmony mu

  jewel of harmony is a jewel that is used to increase the efficiency of weapons shields and armor parts by adding an additional option to the desired item. The jewel can be refined from gemstones with the help of elpis inside the refinery tower.

Wizardry damage increase (pvm y pvp) incremente el wizardry damage de acuerdo al nivel de reforzamiento. Required strength decrease reduce la fuerza requerida por el item de acuerdo al valor de reforzamiento. Required agility decrease reduce la agilidad requerida por el item de acuerdo al valor de reforzamiento.

A jewel of harmony is used to create a yellow option on items. These yellow options will give you additional advantage on pvppvm.

Jewel of harmony option may be upgraded via low refining stone or high refining stone. When jewel of harmony option is bound to an item, the item cannot be traded, sold in personal store, or dropped on death.

Minimum attack power increase increase in minimum attack power according to set value. However, cannot increase beyond -1 of the maximum attack power. (when attempting to increase beyond that value, cannot refine further? Message is shown) maximum attack power increase increase in maximum attack power according to set value.

  jewel of ancient harmony - it is used to upgrade your item with random harmony option. Level of the harmony option depends on the level of the item (eg. Armor 13 ddr 7) can be acquired from heart of love, blood castle, chaos castle, crywolf, maya event, red dragon invasion and golden dragon invasion (box of kundun 5), kundun, skeleton king, ancalagon and cornucopia.

Join mu online the free-to-play fantasy rpg based on the legendary continent of mu! Feel the power of forbidden magic! Explore and fight! Jewel of bless. Jewels of harmony are used for adding a yellow additional option to your items.

  jewel of guardian this jewel is used in upgrading castle defenses, creating life stones,.

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Jewel of harmony mu

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