Inverse of udow

Inverse of udow

  ultrapro short qqq (nasdaq sqqq) tracks nasdaq-100 index with an inverse correlation at -300 daily ultrapro short dow30 (nyse sdow) tracks the djia with an invesrse correlation of -300 daily.

Iv cusip 74347x823 inception date 2910 expense ratio 0.

This etf offers 3x daily long leverage to the dow jones industrial average, making it a powerful tool for investors with a bullish short-term outlook for blue chip equities. Investors should note that udows leverage resets on a daily basis, which results in compounding of returns when held for multiple periods.

  the ultrapro short dow30 (sdow) is an inverse and leveraged exchange-traded fund (etf) thats designed to aggressively move in the opposite direction of the dow jones industrial average (djia).

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Inverse of udow

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