How to withdraw money from usi tech

How to withdraw money from usi tech

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  what is even more worrisome is how usi tech claims users can withdraw their funds every single day without a hiccup.

  usi-tech asserts that signed up users can be able to earn up to 150 annually as a result of the medium and long-term strategies of the company however upon closer inspection this is actually the old usi tech that dealt with forex trading, whereas now.

  for withdrawal cash you have to chose withdraw money option. Step 5 account type atm screen will show various types of account.

  select my money choose sendpay select the account number you would like to withdraw from pick to others select mpesa type the safaricom mpesa phone number you would like to send the money to enter the amount you want to transfer it will ask you to confirm the amount and the number youre sending the money to.

Part 1 how to make a withdrawal? Step 1 web log in to your kucoin account, then click - assets - main account(deposit&withdraw) - withdraw to enter the withdrawal page. You may type the token name in the search box, or scroll down and click on the token you want to withdraw.

Enter the amount you wish to withdraw click the get started.

You have to reach minimum payout amount and then the money gets transferred to your selected payment method at the beginning of the month automatically.

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How to withdraw money from usi tech

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