How to build a santa trading bot binance

How to build a santa trading bot binance

  in this tutorial i show you how to create a free binance trading bot with tradesanta! Tradesanta is a cloud-based software designed to automate your cryptocurrency trading strategy and to make.

Our guide will help you configure your first trading bot in just a few minutes! Lets get it started.

Launch a trading bot in just 5 minutes using pre-set templates or build your own customized strategy from scratch. Real-time tracking track bot progress from anywhere with transparent analytics and telegram notifications.

  there is a lot to describe this method, although if you are uncertain or your experience, it is quite easy. Its binance for me, which helps you to build any configuration to your api settings. You will now produce an api key and a confidential key from here and enter them in the tradesanta bot.

You can also use the additional tools available on tradesanta, such as entering at market price and buy coins for commission (you can allow the crypto trading bot to buy coins for commission or pay the commission directly on binance in bnb).

( you need new accounts to make this bot work 100 freely!) after creating a new account activate the 2-fa setting on binance. Next go to your account (person icon at the top right) api settings. Create a new api key & activate read info & enable trading.

After that particular experiment went successful, in which i managed to turn my 0. 5 btc, or roughly 25 profit, i will be trying out a new crypto bot trading platform. Today, i have registered a new binance exchange account that will be solely used for trading in this new experiment.

Weve collected everything you need to know about tradesanta service, available bots and features. Youll find answers to frequently asked questions, step-by-step guides, and all useful info about our products right here.

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How to build a santa trading bot binance

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