Gta 5 select the mark getaway location

Gta 5 select the mark getaway location

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Im at a point where i need to stash a getaway vehicle, and the game keeps tellin me to select the mark getaway vehicle location option when phoning trevor or franklin (as michael), but that option never appears. Ive had two-door vehicles, four-door vehicles, and each time the game has said i can use it has a getaway.

Two-seater sportscars wont work), the getaway location cant be too close to the heist location and cant be on or directly at a road. As far as i remember that was actually a bit weird, as sometimes youll see correspondent hints about this, sometimes you wont.

  when a good place is found, call up your phone and scroll to one of the other protagonists.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to hide the vehicle somewhere nearby. Choose some side alley, discernibly distanced from a main road (if it is a poor location, you will get informed about that). Turn on the phone, find michael in the contacts list and select the first item on the list (mark getaway location).

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Gta 5 select the mark getaway location

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