Forex card meaning

Forex card meaning

Think of a forex card as a prepaid travel card that you can load with a foreign currency of your choice. You can use a forex card just like a credit or debit card to pay for your expenses in a local currency abroad.

Forex card, which is also called travel card, prepaid card, travellers card, prepaid travel card is like your debit card. Forex cards are used for making payments while you are traveling abroad. You can pre-load money in the shape of foreign currency which enables you to access money in the required local currency of the country youre in.

  a multi-currency forex card is a travel card that you can load with more than one currency. A multi-currency forex card is for those travellers who have to travel to more than one country. So rather than taking a separate forex card, they can just take one forex card and load it with as many currencies of as many countries they are travelling to.

  a forex card allows the holder to store and transfer money electronically when travelling abroad. Forex cards are also used to withdraw foreign currency loaded into it from atms abroad. For all practical purposes, you can imagine forex cards to be like debit cards in terms of use.

  for amount spent abroad using indian credit card, the fee will differ from issuer to issuer, merchant to merchant and currency to currency but would consist of conversion charges ranging from 3. 00 and if credit card is used for withdrawal of foreign currency from atms abroad an additional withdrawal charge of 2 to 5 (depending on the issuer) is levied, says mohan bhaktha, executive director, weizmann forex.

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Forex card meaning

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