Fexco fiji exchange rates

Fexco fiji exchange rates

We are a leading provider of foreign currency and travel money in the pacific. We can handle all pacific island currencies offering you better rates than others in the market. Our customers benefit from our set of superior offering market-leading rates, zero fees and no commission availability of more than 60 foreign currencies in our network.

Fexco pacific is focused on delivering money transfer, currency exchange and international payment services to governments, non-profits, businesses and individuals in the pacific region. We are part of the fexco group - a world leader in innovative fintech, payments & business solutions.

Being part of the fexco group allowed no1 currency fiji to become the leading provider of top fiji exchange rates, money transfer, and business payment services in new zealand, fiji, samoa, tonga, and many other countries in the pacific. Whether travelling to fiji or out of fiji, you can rely on no1 currency fiji to keep your travelling exprience.

  spotted an exchange rate you like? Perfect, you can place currency orders through any of our 3 services via the app in 3 easy steps click & collect order up to 4 currencies through the app and lock in your exchange rate.

  the best rates cards can be used at any of fexco fiji limited, no. Spto strives to bring value to our tourism industry members through these types of innovative partnerships the best rates cards initiative offers convenience and enhanced customer experience for our members in the tourism industry, said spto chief executive officer, chris cocker.

Call or fax telephone (679) 330 4177 fax (679) 330 1995 head office level 3, fnpf place 343-359 victoria parade suva, fiji.

To convert fjd into a foreign currency multiply by the rate. Nb certain transactions are subject to a commission charge andor stamp duty. The above rates have been calculated using this mornings opening internation market rates.

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Fexco fiji exchange rates

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Fexco fiji exchange rates

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