Euro to philippine peso exchange rate today bsp

Euro to philippine peso exchange rate today bsp

6 dec 24 jan 08 jan 23 feb 07 feb 22 mar 09 mar 24 apr 08 120-day exchange rate history for eur to php quick conversions from euro to philippine peso 1 eur 58.

  table of 1 euro to philippine peso exchange rate updated 070521.

Order quota reached 5000-piso lapulapu commemorative banknote and silver medal. To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the battle of mactan, the bsp sells limited stocks of 5000-piso lapulapu banknotes and silver medals. 00 each, while the lapulapu silver medal is for sale at p3,500.

28800 php eur php rate for 4212021 4202021 tuesday 58. 14100 php eur php rate for 4202021 4192021 monday 58.

01758 jan 02 jan 17 feb 01 feb 16 mar 03 mar 18 apr 02 apr 17 120-day exchange rate history for php to eur quick conversions from philippine peso to euro 1 php 0.

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Euro to philippine peso exchange rate today bsp

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