Does coinstar accept canadian pennies

Does coinstar accept canadian pennies

Coinstar kiosks only accept currency for the country where the kiosk is located.

Quick note 1 as pennies are still a legal currency in canada, you can actually pay your bills at the bank using pennies. Lastly, if you do choose to cash your pennies in at your local bank, just know you can redeem them for cash or have them deposited into your bank account.

  after collecting a mass of canadian coins from coin roll hunting i decided to see if the coinstar machine would accept them.

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Coinstar cannot accept eisenhower silver dollars, 1943 steel pennies, pure silver, commemorative or foreign coinage. Items such as keys, jewelry and other valuables should also not go into the kiosk.

How does coinstar work? Trading in your loose coins at coinstar is easy.

Taking some pennies that ive gone through coin roll hunting to the coinstar machine! Taking some pennies that ive gone through coin roll hunting to the coinstar machine.

  coinstar does have an option where you can get an e-gift card instead of actual cash for your coins.

The standard practice is that pennies, like other coins such as dimes or nickels, are rolled or wrapped for deposit. Financial institutions and charities have the discretion to decide whether pennies must be rolled or not. Canadians should consult their financial institution or charity of choice to determine whether unrolled pennies will be accepted.

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Does coinstar accept canadian pennies

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Does coinstar accept canadian pennies

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