Cefi test online

Cefi test online

The comprehensive executive function lnventory (cefi) is a comprehensive behavior rating scale of executive-function strengths and weaknesses. Completed in just 15 minutes, the cefi is a versatile instrument that offers information that can be used to guide assessment, diagnosis, and intervention for children and adolescents.

Each unit ends with an online test which will consist of multiple choice questions. (cefi) online course starts on 1 december, 2017 for the spring intake of 2018. Afi offers its members first online course ever on financial inclusion policy.

(cefi) is a behavior rating scale designed to evaluate goal-directed behaviors controlled by executive function in youth aged 518 years.

Afi, in collaboration with the frankfurt school of finance & management, is launching the eight session of its online training module, certified expert in financial inclusion policy (cefi).

Purpose evaluation of executive function strengths and weaknesses in youth age 518 years time 15 minutes the comprehensive executive function inventory (cefi) is a versatile instrument that can be used to evaluate an individual using standard scores to compare the youth to a nationally representative norm group. This information can be used to guide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Cefi test online

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