Career options in non medical other than engineering

Career options in non medical other than engineering

  what makes these careers so lucrative? The craze for engineering and medical courses was at its peak when students had limited options in other streams. It was a matter of pride and honour the day a student cleared the medical or engineering entrance. The student is elevated to an honourable entity as these careers offer a lucrative career option.

  however, the fact is that there are a lot more course choices where you can find a good career option and a better future. Instead of just going with the trend, take some time to sort out and evaluate the options and choose the best course where you can use your interest or proficiency.

  in this field, you can become chief architect, assistant architect, resource manager, planning and design professional, consultant etc.

  especially, students studying with science subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, etc. , can go for careers even outside the science stream, owing to the prospective careers in all the subjects. Most students with the pcm subjects aspire to do a course in engineering and prepare for the same through coaching classes, and other such means, while.

  many candidates have the misconception that the only career options for 12th pcb students are in medical field. On contrary, you have a lot of career opportunities in non-medical fields such as the study of plants, food, environment, nutrition etc.

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Career options in non medical other than engineering

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Career options in non medical other than engineering

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