Burkina faso currency exchange

Burkina faso currency exchange

If you are traveling to ouagadougou, you will need to exchange your currency for the burkinabe franc. You may exchange your money for the cfa franc bceao at most ouagadougou banks or at specialized stores called foreign exchange bureaus.

Foreign exchange information tool - read disclaimer the national currency of burkina faso is west african cfa franc, xof. For a new search about a different currency, use the search dropdown to find the country and its currency.

In burkina faso the following currency is used the west african cfa franc (xof) this currency is devided in 100 centime. You probably need to change money when traveling to burkina faso.

Historically, the burkina faso currency reached an all time high of 631.

The west africa cfa franc (xaf) is the currency of six independent states in western africa - benin, burkina faso, guinea-bissau, ivory coast, mali, niger, senegal and togo. In several central african states the central african cfa franc (currency code xaf) is in circulation, such as cameroon - central african cfa franc.

  the west african cfa franc is the currency of eight independent states spanning over 3,500,000 km2 in west africa benin, burkina faso.

Currency (code) communaute financiere africaine franc (xof) note - responsible authority is the central bank of the west african states economy - overview one of the poorest countries in the world, landlocked burkina faso has few natural resources and a weak industrial base.

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Burkina faso currency exchange

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