Btc mall slovenia

Btc mall slovenia

Btc is a big complex of shops, malls and halls and sometimes it is a challenge to find what you search for. In the ground floor of hall a there is an info point with information about shops, cafes, restaurants and events. At the info point, you can also buy tickets for various events.

Btc city ljubljana is one of the largest shopping, business, and leisure centres in europe with more than 21 million visits per year. The international centre is becoming an increasingly attractive place to relax and have fun, an increasingly indispensable and irreplaceable part of daily life.

There are a lot of different buildings (!) and you have to know what you are looking for.

Set in the center of the countrys capital city, ljubljana, the eponymously named btc city shopping mall will be transformed into a completely bitcoin-friendly environment where every shop and venture will accept the cryptocurrency and operate via blockchain technology.

  slovenias prime minister, miro cerar, recently visited to open the beyond 4. 0 international conference, and to learn more about btc citys strategy to become a bitcoin city. Btc city is a giant shopping mall in slovenia and the testing playground for eligma , the ai-driven, and blockchain-based cognitive commerce platform are utilized by many different retailers in the shopping complex.

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Btc mall slovenia

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