Bryce canyon lodge dinner

Bryce canyon lodge dinner

The lodge at bryce canyon restaurant is consistently rated as one of the areas best dining experiences. A grand stone fireplace graces the 180-seat dining room and delivers just the right amount of rustic elegance for guests who want to enjoy fine food in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Seasonally, the dining room at bryce canyon lodge is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The lodge is typically closed for the winter season from november through march. The general store is located near sunrise point and north campground.

Bryce canyon and its surrounding areas offer a variety of dining options to help ease the stress of location a place to eat. Take advantage of dining experiences that are located near your lodging destination to maximize your use of time when visiting bryce canyon.

  the canyon diner features great western fast food and freshly baked piccadilly pizza. Burgers, 14 hotdog, halibut fish, steak sandwich, salads, bratwurst w sauerkraut, box lunches, shakes & malts, coffee, espresso, soft drinks and much more.

26 south main street po box 640001 bryce canyon city, utah 84764.

The bryce canyon lodge accommodates guests with comfortable lodge rooms that include private balconies as well as a range of private cabin selection.

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Bryce canyon lodge dinner

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Bryce canyon lodge dinner

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