Best sales jobs without a college degree

Best sales jobs without a college degree

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  these sales agents are also responsible for maintaining past documents and records.

  though position requirements vary in each industry, some sales positions typically do not require a college degree. Retail sales positions, for example, often do not require a college education. Retail sales positions are often entry-level positions that people just getting into sales cut their teeth learning the art of sales.

Were going to look at 18 good careers that dont require college education (including some that pay 100,000 and above with just a high school diploma). Many types of sales jobs can pay six figures, and not all of these jobs require four-year degrees.

Generating electricity through wind turbines is becoming more prevalent.

The heart of a police officers job is to protect the public. That can involve working with the community to reduce violence, or actively gathering evidence and chasing criminals. Law enforcement jobs that dont require a college degree are available at state, county and local levels.

  this is part of a new series highlighting post-high school pathways to success for teens whose plans dont include four-year college. These are careers with great growth potential that dont require a four-year degree. Read our career spotlights on dental hygienist, web developer, photography director, and radiology technologist.

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  once you get the hang of it, this easily qualifies as one of the best paying jobs without a degree. If you are looking for high paying jobs without a degree or experience, starting on the road toward being an electrician can be a smart move. The journey can be a bit long, as it takes time to learn everything you need to secure a license.

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Best sales jobs without a college degree

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