Benq xl2411 input lag

Benq xl2411 input lag

  input lag of benq xl2411z a full hd monitormore info about monitor here httpgoo.

  i notice input lag quite easily and i just want a lag free experience. I was just wondering how the input lag on the xl2411z and the 2430 is. Just to clarify im not talking about response time, just input lag. I cant find any data on the input lag on these two monitors surprisingly.

Benq 24 gl2460hm input lag 10ms (excellent) check amazon 24 xl2411 (144hz) input lag 10ms (excellent) check amazon 27 gl2760h input lag 10ms (excellent) check amazon nothing of interest here? Then feel free to check out our input lag database with over 500 displays tested for input lag.

Adjusting benq blur reduction and dyac (dynamic acceleration) including blur busters strobe utility. Supports most benqzowie z-series monitors (xl2411, xl2420, xl2720, xl2735, xl2540, xl2546) 7 posts page 1 of 1.

  with 25-inch 240hz screens requiring an investment closer to 400, that makes monitors like the 200 xl2411p a good value.

  must be added input lag by monitor in-built scaler which is rather confusing indeed as it was claimed by benq that their so called smart scaling feature is lag free.

So since my tests are not 1ms accurate it is possible that some of these settings lower your input lag by 1ms and if you choose the right combination you end up with 5 instead of 10ms.

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Benq xl2411 input lag

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