Bank of baroda sharjah swift code

Bank of baroda sharjah swift code

  the swift code of bank of baroda in sharjah, united arab emirates is barbaeadshj.

  in this page you will find detailed information about the swift code barbaeadshj of bank.

  barbaeadshj - swift code (bic) - bank of baroda in sharjah - united arab emirates barbaeadshj.

Bank of baroda - sharjah branch is located at sharjah city in united arab emirates and the bank branchs address - al arooba building, al arooba street. Branch code is the last three characters of the swift code - shj.

  swift code barb ae ad shj bank code barb - code assigned to bank of baroda country.

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Bank of baroda sharjah swift code

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Bank of baroda sharjah swift code

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Phone Number: 044 4006 3666,
SEBI Reg No : INZ000078632
Account No. 919003634565

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