Astroneer tungsten alloy

Astroneer tungsten alloy

Having spent some time wondering how to get tungsten in the first place and then going to the effort of travelling to another planet to obtain it, you will find there is another tungsten related resource that you have to figure out.

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  tungsten is found all over on and under barren and exotic (verifed) its also supposed to be on tundra and radiated but i havent been to those yet.

  astroneer crafting update using the new mini rocket & 1 use engine we heard to tundra for tungsten! Enjoy -) please consider supporting my channel through.

This is one of those resources that will put you in a bit of a huff. You have gone to the effort of hunting down titanium and smelted only to find that you need to put in more effort to turn it into an alloy where you can make better use of it.

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Astroneer tungsten alloy

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Astroneer tungsten alloy

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