Ameritrade 529 college savings plan

Ameritrade 529 college savings plan

Td ameritrade 529 college savings plan invest toward your loved ones college education the td ameritrade 529 college savings plan (plan) is a state-sponsored, tax-deferred investment account that allows you to invest in a diverse selection of investment portfolios to help pay toward a childs or other loved ones higher education down the road, regardless of your income.

The td ameritrade 529 college savings plan (the plan) is sponsored by the state of nebraska and administered by the nebraska state treasurer as trustee, and the nebraska investment council provides investment oversight.

Nebraskas td ameritrade 529 college savings plan is offered through discount broker td ameritrade. The plan offers two age-based and two static options including esg funds, and 17 individual fund options.

A 529 plan with td ameritrade can be opened by using either the brokers online enrollment form or by filling out and mailing in this paper form. In either case, youll need information on the account owner (the person who legally owns the account and typically will be the one making contributions) and the beneficiary (the future student).

Nebraskas td ameritrade 529 college savings plan is offered through discount broker td ameritrade. The plan offers two age-based and two static options including esg funds, and 17 individual fund options. This is a recent program and does not yet have a 5-cap rating assigned.

Td ameritrade 529 college savings plan po box 30278, omaha, ne 68103-1378 www. Comcollegesavings td ameritrade 529 college savings plan the allocations among equity, fixed income and cash will be the same for the age-based core and socially aware investment options as illustrated below.

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Ameritrade 529 college savings plan

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Ameritrade 529 college savings plan

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