1070 vs 1070 ti for mining

1070 vs 1070 ti for mining

30 per sol, and its usually the zotac 1070 ti mini that is the cheapest as low as 1.

As far as mining goes, the 1070 ti mines just about the same as the 1070, it just costs a bit more. The 256-bit memory bus holds back any gains that the additional cuda cores might have provided.

  so clearly you can see that three (3) gtx 1070 ti makes about the same profit like two (2) gtx 1080 ti. But three gtx 1070 ti costs about 500 more than two gtx 1080 ti. So if you are building a six gpu or eight gpu rig, the better choice is 1080 ti. But if you are building a budget hobbyist mining setup, you can try the 1070 ti.

  nvidia gtx 1070 ti is the upgraded version of gtx 1070 released almost a year and a half.

I decided to make a video showing the results of nicehash benchmarks on my 1070 rig and my new 1070 ti cards. If you dont feel like watching the video msi afterburner settings power 75.

The 1070 ti is basically the 1070 with 25 more working cuda cores (24) and slightly higher base clock of 1607mhz (versus 1506mhz in the 1070).

In this post, we are going to take a closer look at gtx 1070s application in mining and overclocking as well as compare gtx 1070 models from various manufacturers.

I have some that barely do 600 or 500, most sit between 600-800 range.

  the nvidia geforce gtx 1070 ti is an interesting card for cryptocurrency fans as has 512 more cuda cores than the geforce gtx 1070 and still uses gddr5 memory.

  gtx 1070 ti provide very similar mining performance as that of gtx 1080. I am planning to build gtx 1070 ti mining rig very soon if that plan got executed will share mining experience with 1070 ti.

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1070 vs 1070 ti for mining

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